Financing Options

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Fixed Rate Loan

This is a simple agreement offering a fixed interest rate with the added benefit of securing equipment title with minimal initial expenses. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to benefit from the IRS Section 179.

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Capital Lease

This option enables you to secure your equipment with minimal upfront expenses and offers the choice to purchase the equipment at a pre-agreed price. In addition, this option allows you to take advantage of the IRS Section 179.

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Operating Lease

This option generally offers the lowest rate. This arrangement is regularly deemed 100% tax-deductible, and often the payments are not reflected in the balance sheet as a business asset or liability. Comparable to a rental agreement, the leasing company keeps ownership of the equipment at the lease’s end, but you have the choice to buy, return, or continue leasing.

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This option provides you with flexible, low payments that are often tax-deductible. Upon the lease’s conclusion, you may choose to renew it, make monthly payments, or buy the machine at its Fair Market Value.

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