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Why We Finance Manufacturers

At Manufacturers Funding, we have a profound passion for the Machine Tool industry. Daily, we strive to provide our customers with the most competitive rates while delivering exceptional customer service, supporting them in growing their businesses.

With over a century of combined experience spanning three generations in the manufacturing industry, we boast an unparalleled understanding of the value of this industry that most banks and other lenders cannot relate to. We recognize that manufacturing is the backbone of our country, and we take pride in serving those who work within it. We strive to see business grow and not be constrained by big bank policies.

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About MFRS Funding

We Are…

An experienced team that understands manufacturing needs

Machinery financing experts to help your business achieve financial success

A culture ingrained with a focus on client care and satisfaction

Our team

our Experts in Manufacturing & finance

Buffy Hall


Buffy has built her machine tool finance reputation through Tier 1 machinery account finance partnerships. She thrives in customer relations putting her “outgoing personality” on auto pilot. Negotiating the best finance options are why she succeeds in customer care and repeat business. Her exceptional communicating and networking skills have opened doors and built valued alliances with quality vendors and dealers. She is very excited to be a part of the highly successful Quick Turn team, as this is a perfect fit merging the most competitive finance options while maintaining strong seller relations.

Angela Michelle


Angela started out in real estate sales in Florida.  After 10 successful years in the real-estate market she entered the manufacturing market. Over 11 years in the industry has given her a strong understanding of the value of not only the industry, but the machines as well. As operations at Manufacturers Funding she can provide the finance department with first hand knowledge of the valuable equipment allowing for more a variety of flexible finance options. 

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